my guiding word of 2016

Inspired by one of my favorite visionaries, I have chosen a word for 2016. No I'm not late! Didn't we just have that wonderful full moon in Leo? Bringer of your power and your deep truths? Well Lola Medicine Keeper (the blog post) says your word should scare the crap out of you a little, but you know... in that motivating way (!) and mine certainly does.


Yup> I have been a trailblazer of Going It Alone for my adult life. Close family and friends will snort into their coffees to read that, of course, because I have needed A LOT of help along the way... and that's been the lesson, the tide, that continues to pool around my ankles: we aren't here alone. We are all connected. Some of my repeated medicine from Life has been: go it alone, end up needing help, realize you're not in it by yourself!

Our interconnectedness feels all the more present for me as I watch my parents go through the process of struggling with cancer. I feel a million miles away, but my body is never not attuned. I know big family shifts are happening. Big shifts in my own life. Unfoldings and shedding.

So this year: Partnership. I'm seeking partnerships in my work, and simply when I leave the house. I'm seeking (healthy, vital) partnerships as an artist around town, but also in my wholesale accounts. I'm seeking to nurture my existing partnerships, and foster new friendships, relationships, and hopefully a primary partnership! A lot of breaking down barriers here for me- but it's worth it. My art is also calling out for partnerships- a designer, more storytellers, more ways of growing and learning. I feel good about this. Jumping into the deep end kind of good? But good.