"the seeds that you plant"

I began Post with the theme of Seed with intention. September is a bittersweet month in the Pacific Northwest, as we enter into the darkness of the autumn and winter seasons that epitomizes this region. There are the sweet, joyful seeds we plant in spring, even in the cold mud of the twilight of winter, that we know will bring abundant flowers, summer harvests, and herald all the harbingers of summer. But approaching the cold of winter, in autumn we sow another kind of seed. These seeds rest. They burrow deep under leaf and loam. Countless creatures, elements of nature, and coincidences aid in their nurturing to maturity.

It is this type of seed I want to begin, here, with you. I want you to look away from your device, and be bold, daring enough to dream beyond the busyness of our collective culture. From a place of peace, space, and breathing, Post brings you a monthly invitation to reach out in a different way. To recapture a time-honored tradition of love letters, daily correspondence, simple notes sent in the mail with the intention of connecting through distance.

The curve and swoop of your handwriting. The familiar turn of phrase. Someone longs for that, to treasure your thoughtfulness. Let's begin simply, by making the time and honoring it. Let's begin with beauty. In that space, we will be prepared for what newness wants to take root.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.
— Robert Louis Stevenson