sit spot

A sit spot is a place you go for the simple meditative practice of sitting. Sometimes you can use a sit spot to answer a question by sitting with your question until the question is answered... this might take noticing, or reflection, or both. My sit spot this summer has been in the Western woods of Mt. Tabor park in Portland, Or. A refuge from the city, my sit spot is shelter under the boughs of cedar trees. I breathe. They breathe.

Like most meditative practices, having a sit spot does not grant me a transformative experience on the, well, spot. Rather, steeped in the long peace, my day is blessed by the exposure to nature, to focus and the dissipation of my focus. As a child I was drawn to the woods like a magnet. I loved the snap of twigs, the thrill of mystery, the call of birds and the endless play-tools of nature's leavings. I bring that child's wonder with my to my sit spot, and I thank the trees when I go.