thank you waldorf school

I had a few hours respite from the city this week at my nephew's Waldorf school. There, along with my sister, I pitched in to assist the teachers in mundane tasks so they could do their noble work. Sitting under the apple tree, far from traffic, the internet, buses or any of the mundane things that fill MY day, hours went by. A black capped chickadee flew back and forth, harassing seeds out of late summer sunflowers. Bees buzzed low over the grass. You could hear the class somewhere far off, while my sister and I talked and sharpened crayons in the yellow afternoon autumn sunshne.

Julia Cameron calls this "filling the well". For an artist, there are a few ways to enter into creativity- repetitive tasks being one of them.

Any regular, repetitive action primes the well. Writers have heard many woeful tales of the Bronte sisters and poor Jane Austen, forced to hide their stories under their needlework. A little experiment with some mending can cast a whole new light on these activities. Needlework... regular and repetitive, both soothes and stimulates the artist within.
— Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

Thank you, Waldorf school, for both the immersion in nature and the slow and steady rhythm of a task at hand. It was an afternoon to remember.