Blood Moon

Wow. How was that magical Harvest Moon for all of you? There were so many rich symbols there: the blood of birthing something new, the eclipsing of old patterns, the emergence into a new way of being. I took a winding path on my way to my moon viewing (because here I am in a city)... but again it was a lesson in letting go, and trusting, and I ended up like everyone else: under that stunning moon, blessed by the show.

This photo I took in the last week at the preschool I spent last year part-time teaching. We were looking at a book of Andy Goldsworthy photographs and one of the kids, inspired, asked me to re-create this pattern with him. He called it a zig-zag, but I see a path. Winding, sometimes broken at the edges. Looks a little like our digestion, a little like lightening. I'll take it.


At the time he and I were both walking through the threshold into a new unknown. He was off to Kindergarten, I was off to invest in my arts again. Fully on this path, again. Last night, under the red swell of the Harvest Moon, walking through the darkened streets (so many sirens! such wind!) as the moon was eclipsed, I felt fully immersed in the spacious mystery that is the wide-open field of self discovery, of creation, and process. Sometimes the path is not so clear. You take one step in the darkness... you take the next...

What are you out there creating today? Have you found yourself claiming your path, or are you in the dark of night, breathing through trust? Honor those moments, your process of becoming. Whatever you are doing, I hope your harvest is sweet, and your path is met with helpful spirits lighting the way.