little scraps

Months before having the idea to launch Post, I had been sending handmade postcards to my nephews. What began as an exercise to make small, quick artwork became a connecting tether, a golden cord as I moved from one sublet to the next in Portland's rental upheaval. Neighborhood to neighborhood I made mail. After asking for and receiving birthday cards this year instead of the (now) typical Facebook archive of wall comments, I updated my address book. My canvas stayed much the same but my characters, themes, colors and messengers multiplied. My budget in stamps is serious business.

When I have outgoing mail these days I scan and take photos of the treats I make for friends and family. But on special occasions I also hop over to Kinkos and treat myself to a few old school photocopies. I love making "clip art" out of my drawings. I love shrinking, expanding, and playing with these little visions. I sit around at night and enjoy the zen practice of cutting out paper. Have you ever read Molly Bang's book Picture This, where she uses cut paper shapes to explain how pictures come to express emotions? It's like that. Pure delight in play.

collage material