"I believe that if it were left to artists to choose their own labels, most would choose none." - Ben Shahn

Clover Brown is an artist working with illustration as a craft form that seeks to foster connection, story, and cultural healing.

Drawn to themes of empowerment, tenderness, magic and celebration of the natural world, she creates illustrations using traditional, non-digital means. Her painted works are drawn by hand using pencil and inked in detail over watercolor washes.

Clover is also a writer, printmaker, and enjoys drawing in pen & ink.

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I’m an artist living in Portland, Oregon. I am queer, and non-neurotypical. I use my somewhat different lens on the world as a prism with which to think about and draw about many possible worlds, feelings, scapes, escapes, Heroines, adventures.

My creative spirit thrives in natural environments, while working with kids and other creatives, when reading, and in the company of my community of artists, radicals, woo woo’s and spiritualists, children of all ages, misfits, luminaries and healers.

I paint with watercolors, ink and gouache. I adore silkscreen, writing, and photography. I am always busy with lots of drawing, reading and exploring the place I live.

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I illustrate quiet moments, fairy tales, strange and inseparable companions.

While living in Boston, I studied children's book illustration at the Art Institute of Boston, and founded and ran the successful Etsy shop ouou.etsy.com from 2007 until 2011. My current Etsy shop for Clover Brown's paper goods can be found with Clover's little sister: Fantastic Lily.


I love the natural wild world, and strive to make art that transcends mass consumption, but rather aims to connect, guide, to be treasured, to spark conversation and inhabit our world as playful, light-filled nourishment for the heart.

monkey by ouou, printed by rx letterpress

monkey by ouou, printed by rx letterpress


My Etsy designs (ouou.etsy.com) are available in letterpress through the phenomenal printer Emily Riley at RX Letterpress~

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